To the Press,

It is my great pleasure to tell you and the women and men of the 26th Senatorial District about my friend, John Kane. John Kane is a man of great conviction and integrity. I am writing this letter, because John is slow to accept credit for his many acts of kindness and his good works in our community.

It is not surprising that John has been repeatedly selected by his fellow tradesmen as Business Manager of Plumbers Local 690. He is respected, admired and held in the highest esteem by union members throughout the region. That is why he has received so many endorsements from the various unions in the area. It is important to understand what a “union endorsement” is. First, it is difficult to get a union endorsement. The union leadership must find you labor friendly enough to give you an opportunity to speak with the union’s political action committee. Next, if that committee believes you are a good candidate and that you understand the union’s issues, you are given an opportunity to meet with the union’s membership – the working women and men of the union.

Finally, if you receive their endorsement, it is a high honor that means the working people of the union believe you are the right candidate to represent their interests.

To “give back” a union endorsement would be an insult to the hundreds of members who gave you their support. For example, in the case of the Ironworkers Local 401, although a few members of that local got into trouble, that fact should not reflect badly on the other hard working women and men of that union. John Kane respects those women and men, as well as the choice they made on behalf of their families, to endorse a candidate that understands their issues. For John’s opponent to insinuate that John is anything other than of the highest integrity and character by accepting this endorsement from working people, shows a lack of respect for all union members and a lack of understanding of the endorsement process.

That endorsement and so many others come for good reason. John has been a leader in the community and demonstrates a commitment to others, as well as personal integrity, compassion and character. John and Local 690 do so much good for this region. John and the local pay for plaques to honor fallen police officers who were killed in the line of duty protecting the people of the Commonwealth.

John and the local give out toys during the holidays. One holiday, I watched John give toys and clothes to a young woman and her children, who were victims of domestic violence. When delivering the gifts to this family, John noticed they had no beds in their home. John gave the woman a check to buy beds for the family. Just recently, John attended a fundraiser for a family in need and personally provided for that family.

John’s friendship and concern for others has been demonstrated in too many ways over the years to describe them all here. However, on a personal note, I have experienced them first-hand and know the kind of man John is. Just over two years ago, I called John and informed him that my wife had been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. John immediately came to our home to talk with us and to comfort us. As is typical of John, he then asked us what he could do to help. He offered to assist with the doctors’ bills by having private fundraisers, because he knows I’m a proud man. His help to my family made a huge difference. My wife is now two years in remission and I’m not in debt.

I am a better father, a better husband, and a better man because I have John as a friend. John Kane’s integrity is evident in all that he does and his commitment to making the lives of those in his community better has been his lifelong work. Our County will be well-served in Harrisburg with John Kane as our State Senator.


Emmett Harrity

Prospect Park

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