To the editor:

Mayor Micozzie and members of the Comprehensive Plan want to thank the Upper Darby Township residents that participated in the Comprehensive Plan open house on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015, at the Upper Darby High School. Approximately 250 residents stopped by the open house to review the committee’s progress and share their thoughts with members of Comprehensive Plan Committee and the consultant Delta Development Group.

The information presented on Saturday, along with several surveys, can be found on the Comprehensive Plan website, Please take a look at this information and if you have not taken the surveys please take a few minutes to complete them. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Micozzie

Mayor of Upper Darby

Farewell to Mark Hudson

In a weekend without the stress of snow, another emotional event was to envelope a collection of southeastern Delaware County communities. This series of events began on Saturday afternoon, March 28, and escalated with the shooting of a local law officer in his home in Darby Township.

The deceased, 26-year old Mark Hudson, was a member of the Yeadon Fire Company for a little more than 10 years. His last response was on March 23, 2015. This recent call to Yeadon’s West Cobbs Creek has left that responding crew with a terrible void.

He Joined the Yeadon Fire Company in 2005 at the age of 16 and, following the Fire Company’s corporate structure, his probationary period ended Dec. -15, 2005

Hudson was recommended for membership by the current chief, Mike DiIenno, Jr. In discussing both his services and the impact of his death, Chief DiIenno was painfully successful in controlling his emotions.

Following his death, DiIenno and the members were keeping occupied in various activities. One of these tasks was the draping of the Bailey Road fire station located in Borough Hall with the traditional black bunting reserved for deceased members.

For the members of the 111 year fire company, this was not “busy work.” It was an act of respect for a fallen firefighter/lieutenant.

Reviewing his membership, officers stated Mark Hudson potential was very apparent. Following training, local schooling and firefighting experiences, he was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant. In volunteering his observations, past Chief Mike Melazzo cited the young firefighter’s ease in handling responsibilities. This characteristic was evident both in daily fire station acuities and during the stress of firefighting.

Additionally, it was Mark Hudson’s leadership qualities that demonstrated he could accept the responsibilities of being an officer.

Hudson was not flustered by the size and fierceness of a fire. “This calm attitude is a big asset in the stress of extinguishing a fire. He easily became an important leader,” Melazzo said.

Because of his long-standing desire to become a police officer, his maturity resulted in him making the decision to “put more of his energies into the demands of a police officer,” stressed Melazzo. Mark Hudson resigned his fire officer role and was appointed to the Darby Police Department. Yet, when time and energies permitted, he continued his association with the Yeadon Fire Company. His last response was only days before his death.

In reviewing Hudson’s life, the month of March was an important time for this individual. He was born in that month he became a probationary member in March. His last fire response took place in this same month. His life also ended in March.

Jim Biddle

Communications officer,

Yeadon Fire Company

World Is At War

President Obama refuses to refer to ISIL, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Quds Force, and others as Islamic terrorists. He tends to mischaracterize the attacks by the radical Islamic terrorists on Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims, and he seems hesitant to vigorously take the fight to the terrorists. Why is that?

Our President referred to the attack on a Paris Jewish deli saying “attackers randomly shot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.” In fact the victims were sought out, shot and killed because they were Jews. In response to the beheading of the 21 Coptic Christians the White House said they were “Egyptian citizens”, and then stated ISIL attacks are “unconstrained by faith, sect or ethnicity.” This rhetoric seems to be designed to downplay the seriousness of Islamic terrorist attacks and avoid offending Muslims.

The Obama administration talks about creating economic opportunities and jobs in the Islamic world as a cure for Islamic extremism. How can this work when radical Islamic ideology states Islam is the only true religion and non-Muslims have to convert, or pay tribute, or be killed?

The world is at war with the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism.

Donald A. Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH

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