I can barely remember a time when the people in this area were in such a collective good mood. Luckily, the extreme “up” mood should continue, at least for another few weeks.

In addition to giving all of their fans the thrill of a lifetime, the Philadelphia Eagles’ road to victory re-bonded neighbors, co-workers, families and friends, lifted the overall mood of everyone and gave a shot of pure excitement to young and old, rich and poor, longtime die-hard fans and late-to-the-party fans. Honestly, this long, long, long overdue Super Bowl win for the Eagles seemed to be just what the doc ordered and then some.

Maybe the overall mood change was so glaringly apparent in the weeks leading up to the big win because so much of the area has been in a longtime slump of negativity. Politics, race, religion, gender — you name it and it has divided neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother. Conversations and social media dialogue seemed to be nothing but people complaining, arguing and griping.

However, during this past month or so, it was downright refreshing to see everyone on the same page for once. The Eagles, continuing on their winning streak, rallied everyone to bond together in hope that “our” team was going to win this one. And when “our” team did win, the excitement bonded fans of every age and every gender, no matter who they were or for whom they voted for in the last election. People were sociable and happy — they were friends again!

It was joyful and fun to read the signs that people made to encourage and support the Eagles instead of signs protesting something, complaining about an issue or putting someone down. This championship win brought pride and joy to, pretty much, all of us.

I was lucky enough to ride in the Delaware County Eagles Pride Parade in Media on Saturday. When I looked out to the crowds lining State Street, it was actually heartwarming to see so many smiling faces and genuinely happy people. Truthfully, I will keep the vision with me for years to come. I wish I could bottle the Eagles joy and excitement to redistribute a month or two from now, when life goes back to ho-hum normal.

We’d all be hard pressed to think of a school, business, organization or residence that didn’t jump on the Eagles bandwagon in one way or another. It was fun to see all the creative and fun ways that people came up with to show their green spirit — lawn paintings, green hair dye, green lights on houses and businesses, pep rallies and other Eagles-themed promotions. Teachers incorporated Eagles fun into their lessons and the “Fly Eagles Fly” song was played and sang everywhere from nursing homes and hospital rooms to college dorms and preschools. I think we are singing that song in our sleep by now since we’ve sung it so many times this month.

The Eagles’ road to victory did more than just create an upbeat common bonding thread. The Eagles’ journey to the Super Bowl was a huge boost to local business — from the stores selling Eagles merchandise to the party stores, the beer distributors, the pizza parlors and the supermarkets. I went to pick up a tray of pretzels Sunday morning for the Super Bowl party that I was attending, and I had to wait in line for almost half an hour — the line spilled out the door. The place where we got our wings was exactly the same way — customers overflowing out the door. Business boomed during Super Bowl weekend and during the weeks leading up to it. I believe the boost will continue this week. Restaurants and takeout places created special names to get in the spirit, from Foles Fries to Philly Clam Chowder (replacing the New England version). Money was pumped into the local economy for the parties and celebrations, the merchandise and in a bunch of other ways. A few business owners that I spoke with said the Eagles victory season topped their Christmas season in customer numbers.

The Eagles brought a positive boost, even to the news business. Instead of hyping snow accumulation and politics, news outlets were able to cover many positive stories about Eagles Nation. Most readers and viewers found it refreshing to turn on their TVs or pick up their newspapers and read all the positive stories about Eagles fans, instead of a lot of “downer” news. All that somber news will still be there long after the Eagles excitement tones down.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl LII champions. I want to thank them for bringing so much joy and so much positivity to Philadelphia fans. Our team brought us renewed hope and stronger faith. They brought sunshine to the last few weeks and an unmatched quality of excitement around here. We really needed it. The team worked so hard and gave us all an exciting game to watch Sunday — one of the best games ever. The Eagles fans wanted that win passionately and the amazing 41-33 final score gave them more than enough reason to celebrate.

This win means so much to so many, and it’s pretty safe to say that just about everyone in the tri-state area is sitting on Cloud Nine right now. I have a feeling this is going to be one crazy week of celebrating by some really proud players and their overly ecstatic devoted fans! No one deserves it more. Keep wearing those smiles.


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