MARPLE>> The management company of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia-owned Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery in the Springfield neighborhood of Marple Township is responding to reports of not maintaining the grounds of the final resting place for thousands.

A Folsom couple has accused Trevose-based StoneMor Partners LP, named the second largest network of cemeteries and funeral homes in the country on their website, of not keeping up with cutting the grass and taming the weeds that have overgrown and covered up headstones on the 321-acre property.

A statement from a StoneMor spokesman Tuesday said it is the cemetery’s mission to help families memorialize every life and maintain that beautiful place for memorialization.

“In this instance, we have fallen short of our standards. We take this matter very seriously and the concerns raised are being addressed. We want to reassure our families and the local community that we are committed to serving them and their loved ones,” read the statement.

StoneMor would not address other inquiries on the matter including groundskeeping and maintenance matters.

An Archdiocese of Philadelphia spokeswoman could not comment on this issues, either, since it is StoneMor who manages the property.

“We have a mechanism in place to ensure that anyone who contacts the Archdiocese directly with concerns about cemetery operations or conditions is appropriately routed to StoneMor,” said Archdiocese Associate Director of Communications Stephanie Brophy on Tuesday. “As the operator of the cemeteries, it is StoneMor’s responsibility to address such matters.”

The archdiocese entered into a 35-year lease agreement with StoneMor in 2014 to manage 13 archdiocesan cemeteries including Saints Peter and Paul.

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