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PHILIPSBURG — During Monday’s Philipsburg Borough Council meeting, Wayne Siegfried of Reliance Fire Company told council of potential changes the Philipsburg Fire Department — consisting of Reliance and Hope fire companies — is looking to approve.

Siegfried said the department is planning on creating a bylaw that says in order to vote for company elections, you will have to be at “15 to 20 percent of fire calls,” and lifetime members will also be able to vote.

“I just wanted to know if the borough wanted anything else in (the bylaws),” Siegfried said, stating the department wouldn’t be meeting again until January.

Councilman Harry Wood said he feels a fire company member should stick to one company, mentioning he thought that was originally supposed to be included before.

“We need to stop the flip flopping between the two companies,” Wood said of Reliance and Hope fire companies.

Councilwoman Sharon Goss said typically when a member makes a switch from one fire company to another, they “carry tales back and forth.”

“A lot of those tales are false,” Goss said. “So if we eliminate them being able to go to another fire company within the borough, then that will eliminate all that animosity between the two.”

Goss said she would support a clause saying if you leave one, you cannot go to another for a certain period of time.

Solicitor Patrick Fanelli said instead of a complete prohibition, each company could put in their respective bylaws stating what Goss suggested.

“I think that’s fair,” Goss said.

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