CHESTER >> A new year, a new move-in day at Widener University for the freshman class of 2021, a landmark class who at graduation with celebrate the 200th year of the institution.

President Dr. Julie E. Wollman, who was inaugurated as the university’s 10th president, and first female to hold the position in May of 2016, was proud to welcome the landmark class.

“This year’s incoming freshmen give us a lot to think about,” Wolman said. “Their arrival allows us to reflect on our evolution from an all-male preparatory school to a diverse, modern university that is preparing them for competitive careers in a global marketplace.”

As is typical of Widener move-in day, freshman were assisted by members of the various student organizations and athletic teams.

Ian Achuff, 19, a student under the recently created robotics engineering major at Widener, held on tightly to his custom-built computer tower, saying “no one touches this thing but me.”

Albert Comas, 18, who will study environmental science, explained his work ethic very simply: “if you’re not busy, you’re broke.”

Needless to say, Wollman expressed excitement to see what kind of leaders the class of 2021 would prove to be.

“It is a pleasure to welcome these new students to our Widener community,” Wollman said. “I look forward to watching them transform into the next generation of leaders.”

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