RIDLEY TOWNSHIP — That old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure," could have applied to a Folsom man if it were not for the extraordinary efforts of three township employees of the Public Works Department who sifted through a truck full of trash, looking for a bag – a very important bag – inadvertently put out for collection on trash day last July 30.

Board of Commissioners president Bob Willert recounted at the board's August meeting how the township received a call from the resident who said his wife mistakenly threw out a bag she thought was trash, but actually contained money, credit cards, a driver's license and medical cards. The trash truck was located and brought back to the township garage on Second Avenue, where the contents of the huge truck were dumped on the ground. The resident spotted the bag and it was retrieved, bringing to mind another old adage that"all's well that ends well."

Employees Glenn Goodwin, Buck Rodgers and John Gorgone, with the help of a backhoe, went through the trash, looking for the bag that got away.

"The resident spotted the bag with the items in it and he thanked the men for their efforts," Willert said, adding that temperatures were in the mid-90s that day.

Township manager Ed Pisani said the search for the bag took a few hours, and then the area had to be cleaned up. He also said there was about $700 in the bag.

In his report to the commissioners, solicitor William Neill gave figures associated with the tax assessment appeal of Barnaby's at 2111-2115.

He said the 2019 assessment went from $1,108,590 to $630,385. The assessment will drop to $611,940 in 2020. Neill said the township will lose $4,431 in actual tax dollars in 2019.

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