DARBY TOWNSHIP— All signs were good for Wawa as it was granted variances by the Darby Township Zoning Hearing Board for a proposed store.

The five-member board unanimously approved variances for a number of signs that are planned for the 5,500-square foot store with self-serve gasoline pumps proposed for 1100 Calcon Hook Road (and a portion of 1200 Calcon Hook Road) at the intersection with Hook Road.

The applicant, 1200 Calcon Hook Investment, LLC, sought relief from three sections within §27-1406 of the township’s code book to accommodate what was referred to as the “standard sign package” for a Wawa store. The large, lit-up Wawa sign on the front of every store was granted relief for being over the maximum sign square footage, and a pair of enter and exit signs were approved for also being slightly bigger than code allows.

A number of signs on the fueling center canopy and spanner signs at the fueling stations were also approved.

A portion of the hearing was also dedicated to the installation of a propane kiosk that was approved as a permitted accessory use under township code. AmeriGas will operate an automated kiosk on the side of the store closer to Hook Road that can contain 23 propane tanks.

The board’s approval for of the three variances and the permitted accessory use were the only matters brought to them by the applicant. The store is granted a by-right use to open in that Light Industrial District-zoned area of the township. Fleet Grease Truck Sales and Repair is currently located on the property.

Members of the public were concerned about matters related to the store other than the signs and propane sales. There are no sidewalks along the stretches of Hook and Calcon Hook roads where the store is proposed, and the amount of foot traffic the store may generate could yield unsafe walking conditions along the heavily traveled, four-lane highway that is Hook Road. The store would abut the township municipal complex that is home to community groups and sports programs. Walking just down the street to the store would not be very safe.

Sidewalks were not incorporated into the site plans just yet, but an applicant representative at the hearing said it was something to look into.

Final land development plans have not yet been drawn up for the site.

The store is projected to open in 2021.


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