Providence- Thomas

Thomas was rescued by Providence Humane Officer Ron Riggle from Darby Police Department Friday. Thomas was found tied to train tracks in the borough Thursday evening.

DARBY BOROUGH — Officials at Providence Animal Center are investigating why a dog was left tied to train tracks in Darby late last week.

Providence Humane Officer Ron Riggle received a call about the young black and white, pit bull-type dog from the Darby animal center on Thursday evening, according to Providence spokeswoman Justina Calgiano. The dog, who has since been named Thomas, was reportedly found on South Fourth Street in the borough near a SEPTA trolley stop.

Darby police took Thomas into the police department for safekeeping and Riggle picked up him up Friday. There was no information Monday about reports of any injuries or illness.

As of Monday afternoon, Thomas is in good condition and seems, "like a happy boy," according to Calgiano. A microchip was not found on the dog to locate its owner. He is suspected to be an adult whose age is estimated to be around 1 to 3 years old.

Thomas' is still part of an active investigation but may be available for adoption in the near future.

Persons with information in this case are asked to call Providence Animal Center at 610-566-1370, x214.


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