The Rose Tree Media School Board recently awarded tenure to a number of teachers,while welcoming others to the district.

Tenure was attained by Kathryn Hong (Glenwood Elementary), Karen Meile (Indian Lane Elementary), Lindsi Ciuffetelli and Julie Fetsch (Media Elementary), Kimberely Bradley and David Sikorski (Rose Tree Elementary), Jessica Levy and Michele Shaw (Springton Lake Middle School) and Jennifer Brotman, Carolyn Fizzano and Andrea Rachubinski (Penncrest High School).

Twenty-four new teachers attended three days of orientation and preparation programs, said Superintendent Jim Wigo. The district hosted a welcome back convocation at Penncrest High Schoolfor the entire school employee community.

Among those joining the staff will be: Marci Carmeans, long term substitute (LTS) science teacher, PHS (to replace Amanda Slattery, $45,953, pro-rated); Charles Jacien, LTS learning support teacher, Media and Rose Tree (to replace Lisa Sukanick, $45,953); Melissa Johnson, .8 LTS reading teacher, Glenwood and Indian Lane (to replace Debbie Preg, $42,461); Mary Kirchgasser, .5 kindergarten teacher, Media ($27,319).

Also, Jeffrey Leahan, health and physical education teacher, Glenwood, Media and Indian Lane (to replace Carley Lloyd, $45,953); Melissa Mascitelli, LTS special education teacher, Penncrest (to replace Lindsay Groy. $45,953); Kortney Mozella, LTS teacher, Glenwood (to replace Melissa Miller, $45,953); Heather Peterson, teacher, Media (to replace Matthew Johnston, $54,191); Denim Senavitis, LTS teacher, Media (to replace Evan O’Neill, $46,091); Theresa Shannon, special education teacher, Glenwood (new position, $53,076); Amanda Spinogatti , .8 speech and language therapist, Rose Tree and SLMS (to replace Johannah Timbario, $43,174); and Ann Squires, LTS teacher, Glenwood (to replace Angel Barry, $45,953).

Wigo noted the district will begin the school year with 3,841 students, an increase of 30 students compared to last year’s number (“and we continue to register on a frantic basis”). He added the PDE projection for the year is 3,589, with the district starting with 252 students above the estimate.

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