PHILADELPHIA — District Attorney Larry Krasner and Pennsylvania State Police announced the arrest Tuesday of Theodore Donahue in the nearly 30-year-old “cold case” of Denise Sharon Kulb.

“Twenty-eight years ago, Denise Sharon Kulb was found dead in a remote area in the suburbs, abandoned and discarded,” said Krasner in a release. “She was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. She deserved far better than to be killed and left in a location unknown to those who mourned her.”

Kulb’s body was discovered Nov. 12, 1991, in a wooded portion of an undeveloped cul-de-sac off of Harvey Road in Chadds Ford. Police suspected the 27-year-old had been transported to the scene after she was murdered. She would be 55 today.

The homicide was originally investigated by police in Delaware County to no avail. The Criminal Investigation Assessment Unit of the Pennsylvania State Police reopened the investigation in 2015 and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office joined the investigation in 2018 with the consent of the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, which ceded jurisdiction, according to the release.

Kulb, described as Donahue’s girlfriend, moved into his apartment on the 200 block of Salaignac Street in the Wissahickon section of Philadelphia Oct. 1, 1991, according to investigators. She moved out two weeks later.

According to Donahue’s original statement to PSP, he last saw Kulb on Oct. 18, 1991, when they purchased and smoked crack, according to the release. He said they were robbed at knifepoint and she ran to get help, which was the last time he reported seeing her.

But Donahue, now 52, gave a different account when he was re-interviewed by state troopers in 2015, saying he last saw Kulb outside of a bar. She was seen alive by family members at a funeral Oct. 19, 1991, according to the release. Her sister told investigators that the victim had gotten into a fight with Donahue outside the bar where she worked that same day. Phone records show that Donahue and Kulb talked before they met on Oct. 19, 1991, according to the release. It was the last day Kulb was seen alive.

Kulb was found clothed only in a sweater underneath two pairs of pants, a T-shirt, jacket, and one pale yellow sock, according to the release. Investigators allegedly found a matching sock in Donahue’s apartment, along with a job application with Kulb’s name on it.

Donahue was interviewed but denied any involvement or knowledge of Kulb’s death. Over the next several years, Donahue and other potential witnesses were interviewed or re-interviewed as investigators built their case.

An acquaintance of Donahue’s told investigators in 2015 that he had once said Kulb’s body was found strangled to death in her apartment, according to the release. Another acquaintance allegedly came into possession of some information that was never given to investigators in 1991, including Donahue’s phone records, several handwritten memos reminding Donahue to return Kulb’s calls, and Kulb’s obituary, according to the release.

In multiple interviews conducted by Pennsylvania State Troopers in 2015 and 2016, Donahue and other witnesses allegedly noted how frequently Donahue referenced Kulb, how he would give her old clothing away and how Donahue frequently stayed at a motel about a mile from the area where Kulb’s body was discovered.

Donahue also allegedly revealed in interviews that Kulb was found face-down in the woods strangled to death, details that no one but an eyewitness to the scene or the perpetrator should have known, according to the release.

Donahue was arrested Tuesday morning and is currently being held at Pennsylvania State Police Troop K without bail. He is charged with murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice and false reports to police.

State police and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office have been in contact with Kulb’s family, who expressed their gratitude for a resolution of this case and requested that the media respect their privacy at this time, according to the release.

Defense attorney Emmett Madden said his client denies all charges and they plan to fight the case in court.

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