M-N Independence Day Parade winners announced

Marple Newtown Fourth of July Parade winners were announced last week. They include

Hand Drawn: 1. Zachary & Savannah, 2. Kali & Mateo Aguirre and Daviana Long, 3. Riley Messick; Stroller/Wagons: 1. Reese Armstrong, 2. Nova Evak, 3. Toy Story

Bikes: Groups, 1. Toys in the USA, 2. Land of the Free Because of the Brave, 3. Cathy Duffy; Age 9, 1. Matt Piccone, 2. Gwen Mangan & Tony DiTomo (tie), 3. Lucas Conlin and Zach Gullman (tie); Age 3 and Under, 1. Casey Marnon; Age 10 & Over, 1. Raymond Kresge, 2. Vivian Highland, 3. Jared Kerr and Lia Capriotti (tie); Age 4, 1. Georgia Walls; Age 5, 1. Joshua Crawley, 2. Brady Reedy, 3. Abagail Barfield and Aubrey Cianelli (tie); Age 6, 1. Carter Evak, 2. Abigail Costa, 3. Rahzad Foley; Age 7, 1. Caroline Maier, 2. Chloe Maier; Age 8, 1. Dimitri Karalis, 2. Lila Walls & Caitlin Reedy (tie), 3. Emma Costa

Large Float: l. NBC – Live Music / Band, 2. Delaware County Republican Party; Small Float, 1. Newtown Township Republican Party (also awarded “Best of Parade”), (2). Marple Newtown Ice Hockey, 3. Red, White and True Blue; Medium Float, 1. Boy Scout Troop #122, 2. Operation Christmas Child, 3. Marple Township Little League

Marching Group: 1. Art in Motion Dance Studio, 2. Angela Bates Dance Academy Dancers, 3. VFW #7390

Commercial Float: 1. Surfin’ USA, 2. Broomall Giant, 3. Rose Tree Place

Costumed Individual: 1. Trevor Livezey “American Classics”

Springfield announces winners of Independence Day parade and field events

Springfield Township announced the winners of its Independence Day parade and field events. Parade winners are:

Wagons and Strollers, up to age three: First Place, Kenny Rucci; Second, Gus Bratz; Third, Emerson Gamber

Bikes, Trikes and Scooters, ages 11 and up: First, Hannah Barber

Bikes, Trikes and Scooters, ages 7-10: First, Kara Nielson; Second, Erin Corey; Third, Kaitlin Preston

Bikes, Trikes and Scooters, ages 1-6: First, Brixton Gingratt; Second, Kora Reese; Third, Ellen Lawrence

Unmotorized Floats, all ages: First, Andrew and Scarlet Huck; Second, Luke DeCristing; Third, Nick Christopher

Field Events:

Open Division Three-Legged Race: First, Ella Parkinson and Emily Dath; Second, Audrey Miller and Faith Dempsey; Third, Ryan Wilkins & Evan Wilkins

Father-Son Three-Legged Race: First, Evan and Todd Wilkins; Second, Derek and Chad Kennedy; Third, Luke and Brian Pellak

Mother- Daughter Three Legged Race: First, Sarah and Bella Damato; Second, Jessi and Macy Gougler; Third, Joanne and Christine Magolon

100 Yard Dash, Girls age 11-12: First, Scarlet DiGrazio; Second, Macy Gougler; Third, Katie Keffer

100 Yard Dash, Boys age 11-12: First, Vinny Valerio; Second, Luke Valerio; Third, Liam Lavery

100 Yard Dash, Girls age 9-10: First, Jenna Hurlock, Secon, Hope Longo; Third, Giulia Keller

100 Yard Dash, Boys age 9-10: First Place, Colin Gilligan; Second, Daniel Meakim; Third, Finnegan Delaney

50 Yard Dash, Girls age 7-8: First Place, Gabby Buonocore; Second, Lauren Melti; Third, Alice Murphy

50 Yard Dash, Boys age 7-8: First Place, Connor Meliti; Second, Nate DiBlasi; Third, Nate Lennon

50 Yard Dash, Girls age 5-6: First Place, Laila Moseley; Second, Ellie Beccaria; Third, Ava Whitney

50 Yard Dash, Boys age 5-6: First Place, Ryan Lavery: Second, Luca Dallas; Third, Matthew Martin

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