The Marple Newtown School Board voted, Jan. 29, to approve a five-year compensation plan with the Marple Newtown Educational Support Professional Association (MNESPA). The settlement is effective July 1, 2012-June 30, 2017.

The major changes in the contract involve salaries and health care, said Finance Director Joe Driscoll. According to the new terms, salary increases were 0 percent for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, although one-time payments of $250 for part-time employees, $400 for full-time time employees working less than 12 months and $500 for full-time, 12-month employees were made in the latter period. Those amounts were not added to the base salary.

MNESPA members will receive a 2.5 percent increase to their actual salary for 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 years.

A change in health care will also be effective upon ratification. Employees will transition from the Independence Blue Cross 10/20/70 plan to its 20/30/70 plan with their current 5 percent contribution. They will also transition from the current $10/$20/$30 pharmacy plan to a $10/$40 copay plan, paying $10 for generic drugs and $40 for brand-name ones.

Assistant Superintendent Commission

The directors also voted to approve the employment agreement with Assistant Superintendent Dr. Connie Bompadre. She will seek a commission from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for a term of five years, effective March 1.

Staff Changes

The board approved a number of staff leaves and the individuals to replace them. Leaves were granted to Patricia Callow – nurse, Culbertson Elementary School, Allison Hostutler – teacher, Culbertson, Heidi Jankauskas – music teacher, Culbertson, Dana Locher – social studies teacher, Paxon Hollow Middle School, David Locher – science teacher, Marple Newtown High School, Larissa Macheski – teacher, Culbertson, Helene Marczyk – teacher, Worrall Elementary School, Christine McCullough – teacher, Loomis Elementary School, Stephanie Murray – English teacher, PHMS and Christine Roy - biology teacher, MNHS.

Filing their shoes while they are gone will be Michael Bannan – long term substitute (LTS) English teacher, MNHS (to replace Stephanie Murray), Matthew Hummel - .6 LTS social studies teacher and Lorraine Neef - .4 LTS social studies teacher, PHMS (to replace Dana Locher), Kyle Johnson - LTS teacher, Culbertson (to replace Larissa Macheski), Alexandra Lojewski - LTS music teacher, Culbertson (to replace Heidi Jankauskas), Paige Nassib – LTS teacher, Loomis (to replace Christine McCullough), Sean O’Donovan – LTS teacher, Worrall (to replace Helene Marczyk), Richard Orlando - LTS biology teacher, MNHS (to replace Christine Roy), Catalina Ottinger-Ovens – LTS psychologist, Worrall (to replace Amanda Kelley) and Kurt Ritter - LTS Biology teacher, MNHS (to replace Elizabeth Landes).

The directors also welcomed the following back from their leaves – Danielle Baumeister – special education teacher, Culbertson, Geraldine Goebel – special education teacher, PHMS, Catherine Green – speech therapist, PHMS and Melanie Hinkle – science teacher, PHMS.

Additional Items

The board also voted to:

*approve the formation of clubs at Marple Newtown High School and Paxon Hollow Middle School. The Latin Club at the former will allow students to learn about and appreciate Greek and Roman cultures and the Latin language. The advisor is Traci Dubs. The Ski Club at the latter, with advisor Dean Vlahos, will offer students and faculty an opportunity to go to a local mountain resort for skiing or snowboarding.

*accept $2,000 from Thomas Gorski for MNHS swim team equipment

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