Phone scam targeting elderly has Springfield on alert

Delaware County officials are warning residents to be aware of a phone scam purporting to be from the Sheriff's office attempting to get money from people with the threat of false arrests.

The county Park Police have received reports of scam phone calls originating from unknown numbers or potentially spoofed numbers that appear to be from the Sheriff's office.

These callers may represent themselves as county employees and in a recent case, one even used the name of a Park Police officer. Officials said these callers then tell the target that there is a warrant for their arrest or that they are subject to arrest for failing to appear for jury duty.

Then, officials said, these callers ask for a payment of some type, often MoneyPak, GreenDot or some type of prepaid money or gift card, as payment to avoid arrest. Sometimes, officials added, these callers ask for personal information including a Social Security number or bank account information.

Residents who receive these calls are advised to hang up and call their local police.

In addition, county officials warn residents to not give any personal information, account information or purchase any type of money card or gift card if requested to do so over the telephone.

The Delaware County Sheriff's office or Jury Services will never contact anyone by telephone and ask for personal or account information or payment of any kind to avoid jury duty or arrest.

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