Incumbent Democratic Delaware County Councilmen Kevin Madden, left, and Brian Zidek.

MEDIA — The Democrats on Delaware County Council want to put what they consider some Delco urban health care myths to bed.

At the most recent council meeting, both Councilmen Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden spoke about hearing from various county department heads concerned their employees may quit because they think their health care will be slashed come November, if the Democrats win a majority on County Council. The Democrats currently hold two of the five County Council seats - Councilmen Madden and Zidek. The other three spots are held by Republicans - Council Chairman John McBlain, Vice Chairwoman Colleen Morrone and Councilman Michael Culp. All three of those seats are up for grabs on the November ballot.

"I've gotten numerous calls from department heads in the county, people who run various departments in the county telling me that their employees are afraid that the Democrats win in November, they're going to have their health benefits cut," Zidek said. "They tell me that their their employees are about to quit for fear of having their health benefits cut."

He said that's not his plan.

"I'm here to say publicly on the record, on the camera that if the Democrats win in November, I - and I'll speak just for myself right now, I have no intention of cutting the health benefits of our employees," Zidek said.

He added, "I've spoken to Democratic County Council candidates. They have no intention of cutting all of the health benefits."

Madden agreed, saying he's heard the same concerns.

"And while I understand that if and when there is substantial change in any organization, there's understandable fear, what I hope is that ... it's not fearmongering and folks who have an incentive to scare people doing exactly that."

He reiterated Zidek's pledge.

"We have zero intention, we will not be cutting benefits if and when there is a change in the control of county council," Madden said. "In any organization, its lifeblood is its people."

His colleague also addressed a potential concerted effort centered on that theory. 

"So, I think it's a disservice if the employees are worried that the rug is going to be pulled out from under them come an election that may transpire in a couple of months," Zidek said. "That is not going to be the case."

McBlain, Morrone and Culp did not address Zidek and Madden's comments.

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